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We have 35+ years of experience

The Tropical Technologies - We offer a wide range of computer, printer & network services. We sell and repair computer systems. Since 1993 Tropical Technologies has been dedicated to providing quality, friendly sales and service.

Since we are the one stop shop for IT needs in the entire Florida Keys, we have a "specialty of all trades" background. If you need an entire Local Area Network or Wide Area Network established, we possess the ability for massive IT projects. And if it's as simple as your printer isn't working or the WiFi is down, we also cater towards tier 1 services as well. To reassure your systems and network infrastructure are a safe haven from seasoned hackers, personally we provide to our clients our Cisco Meraki Firewall package install. Utilizing state of the art cloud based monitoring equipment, you can be reassured that we also remain capable of keeping your company at bay from sophisticated cyber attacks. We are entering a day and age where data is more valuable than oil. So we provide server installations that house active directory capable operating systems. All employee information will become easily accessible for your organization while staying organized.

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"Sometimes a youtube tutorial is not enough. You need someone with years of troubleshooting experience"

- John Hally | President

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